the evolution of audrey 2

so i’ve had a mild obsession with audrey 2, the plant monster from the little shop of horrors. she’s shown up several times in my work, and as she evolves, i only want to make more of her.

her first appearance was as a 3inch dunny, which was actually the third custom to i ever made. i was very happy with her, and there was brief, very brief, talk of having her made into a production piece. i held onto her forever but just recently sold her off to a collector.

the second form was as a mini munny for the kidrobot mini munny contest. she won me $500 in kidrobot bucks, and then a collector offered her a new home.


her third appearance was for a monster themed show at gallery1988. this is probably my favorite version of her to date. this on was purchased at the show. i used an 8 inch dunny, making this the largest version of her so far

her fourth and most recent appearance is again as a 3 inch dunny. in the almost 4 years since i made the first version, i’ve learned a lot, and have improved as a sculptor. so even those this version is small, i was able to pack a lot of detail into it.


a fifth version is in the works, this time as an 8 inch munny. it will be for an upcoming munny show/contest at shoparooni in ohio. I’ll post pics once she’s completed. my ultimate goal is to make an audrey out of either a 20 inch dunny, or a mega munny. hopefully i’ll be able to do so soon. until then i’ll just keep fine tuning the smaller versions


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