the dead bear

so it’s a new year and i’m making some changes. i’m going to be moving away from custom toys and start making my own figures. after 4 and a half years of making toys for other people i’m going to be making things that i want to make.  the figures will all be around 5 inches tall and cast in resin. i plan on doing all the sculpting, molding and casting myself.

each figure will be released in small runs of 10, and the plan is to release at least one original sculpt each month. older sculpts will be released again in alternate colorways. i haven’t decided on how many runs of each sculpt will be produced, i’ll just kind of play it by ear.

all the toys will be realeased under my new production company THE DEAD BEAR. a website/production blog thing will appear shortly to track all the new figures. if all goes well i want to produce small figures for other artists. there are a lot of good artists being ignored by the big companies, and they should have a way to get their own figures produced.

now on to the first release, the treature. this is the prototype for it, which still needs a bit of cleaup. casting should begin next week. a few websites have expressed interest in exclusive colorways, and i have a solo show in april that will showcase nothing but dead bear figures. it should be a lot of  fun. i’ll post updates when i have them


1 Response to “the dead bear”

  1. January 8, 2010 at 4:38 pm

    A new toy a month? Nice. I am looking forward to seeing your own sculptures. I have always wondered why you did not do this earlier. You sure seem capable of it and your customs usually look more like a unique pieces compared to the originals. Keep up the great work, mate.

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