monster kolor is awesome

since i’m working with resin i decided i needed to find some new paint. one goal i had when making the switch to resin was eliminating the need for priming each piece. priming is tedious, and since resin can be tinted i really wanted to do away with that whole step.

i had seen a decent amount of press about monster kolor, and i knew it could be applied directly to resin. so i pulled the trigger and bought the 1oz 10 pack. each bottle comes out to around $5 which is what i was paying for decent acrylic airbrush paint. when it showed up i wasn’t sure about it. i’ve always used acrylic and have frankly been afraid of gumming up my airbrush with enamel. that’s one reason i’ve never tried vcolor. it always seemed just complicated enough to not be worth it.

monster kolor is not vcolor, it is so much better. there is no mixing involved, it’s ready to go right out of the bottle. it is gnarly though so get a good respirator and paint outside, or at least in the garage. it performs amazingly. it sprays easily, allows for super fine lines and dries instantly. you would have to work to get drips. be sure you clean your airbrush thoroughly with acetone afterward as it will gunk up your brush. in playing with it i’ve found that it works kind of like a primer. you can paint finer details with acrylic on top of the monster kolor. word is there is also a brushable version being tested right now for those who don’t have an airbrush.

now, the most amazing thing about monster kolor is the clear coat. it’s a two part system. you mix the clear coat with activator, apply and then let dry for 24 hours. you can get an insane gloss with this stuff. when it dries its like a thick varnish, so your paint is well protected from bumps and dings. i think it’s as close to a factory finish as you are going to get on handpainted toys. i was given a sample of the satin finish too, and i love it. it has the same sheen as the krylon satin that i’ve been using for years now. so if you don’t want a crazy candy gloss you can opt for the satin , once it becomes avaialble.

all in all the paint gets a huge a+ from me. and with all the new finishes and flakes that matt is working on, this stuff is only going to get better

a huge thank you goes out to matt walker for bringing this paint to us. below are a few of my resin pieces painted with monster kolor


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